Startled by God: Writing the Spiritual Story of Your Life

This six-week workshop is an exploration of God’s presence in your spiritual journey and the ways in which your past, present, and future stories can be transformed by looking through a different lens. By reflecting on the playful, passionate poetry of Hafiz, a 14th century Persian poet and Sufi master, we are able to view our own stories with our spirits fully open and engaged. And in witnessing this poet’s intense, loving relationship to God, or the Beloved, we discover our own relationship with God and what that relationship means to us. We will discuss and write about the value of stories, our true names, defining our passions, applying our highest values, noticing common themes that run through our stories, and recognizing our callings. No writing experience is necessary.


“What unspeakable wonders must await with

The commencement of unfolding

Of the infinite number of petals

That are the


~  Hafiz