It’s All About You
A workshop for adolescent girls ages eleven to fourteen that focuses on increasing self-development and awareness of others, identifying individual strengths and goals, and confidence building.


Writing From the Soul: Finding Meaning in Your Life Story
When you write about your memories and the experiences that have had the most impact on your life, you are writing from your soul. In this workshop, you will discover new meanings, insight, and wisdom in your stories, explore how those soul-stories can impact the decisions you make in your life, and reconsider the plot of the story that is yet to be written.


Writing to Heal: Living with Cancer
A workshop for those actively undergoing cancer treatment or having completed treatment to relieve stress and tension, experience less isolation, and recover a sense of power.


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Startled by God: Writing the Spiritual Story of Your Life
An exploration of God’s presence in your spiritual journey and the ways in which your past, present, and future stories can be transformed by looking through a different lens.