To write from the center is to break through all the outer layers into a remembrance and reclamation of the natural, fearless, and imaginative heart of who you really are. You won’t find your polished, public persona at the center, but you will be surprised to discover someone you’ve known all along, still patiently waiting for you.

Writing is a connection between our hands and hearts, transferring what lies deep within us into an insight or epiphany on the page. Through the act of writing—simply, without constraint or ego—we discover and rediscover ourselves in unexpected, profound ways. We come face to face with our true desires, our authentic opinions, the adventures we have yet to pursue. And when we write about what sets our hearts in motion, we become, as never before, the authors of our own stories.

In the busyness of everyday living, it can be difficult to process all that happens to us and what we think or feel about those events. Writing, however, illuminates the darkness. When we write about our fears, our goals, our confusion, we are finding words to concretize what, previously, might have been inaccessible or cloudy. If we stay with the writing, we can, despite our pain or subconscious resistance, write ourselves into clarity and in doing so, find that we have set our intentions for conquering our fears, accomplishing our goals, and unmasking our confusion.

Writing as a healing art is gaining ground in the medical field as numerous controlled studies have proven that expressive writing about traumatic events and our deepest thoughts and feelings about them can increase immune function, reduce pain and fatigue in fibromyalgia patients, and decrease symptoms for those suffering from chronic illness like asthma and arthritis.

Writing for insight, writing for growth, writing to heal are all transformative acts of courage and grace and all you need is paper, pen, and a willingness to explore where your writing takes you. In that process, trusting the writing as you move from one layer to the next, you’ll find yourself at the center, the true heart of all that matters.