Suzanne’s skills, as a group facilitator of adolescent girls, are on par with any professional in the field of human behavior. She has an innate ability to relate to and motivate the girls to engage in self-introspection, leading to positive goal setting and increased self-esteem. Her sensitivity and creativity lend themselves to an experience that will be remembered long into the future.

~ Monica Meade, LSW

FBISD Social Worker


You learn a lot about yourself. I wish the workshop lasted even longer.

~ Anna B.


This workshop is a way to open your mind and get to know different ways of expressing yourself through writing and making your writing your own with your own voice.

~ Debbie K.


I’ve learned to speak up for myself.

~ Chiamaka M.


I understand myself now.

~ Jaycie B.


This workshop helped me find myself and realize what’s important. I love Mrs. Adams. She rocks!

~ Kelsey L.


I was about to give up my dream, but now I still want it to happen.

~ Racquel A.


I don’t really hate my life anymore.

~ Name Withheld


This workshop helps you open up.

~ Elizabeth U.


I don’t care what people say about me anymore.

~ Emily T.


This workshop changed my attitude about some things that are not worth fighting over. It’s okay to be mad but you have to learn to do something like writing your problems and expressing it.

~ Keandrea (KeKe)


I learned that most of the things we did I could use as coping skills.

~ Nadia


This workshop changed the way I look at life and people. I”m no longer negative.

~ Chloe


I never knew how I felt. . . until this class.

~ Amber


Mrs. Adams helped me bring out everything about me.

~ Miranda